Overview of Our Engagements

Kotter International brings the personal involvement of Dr. John Kotter, the world’s leading expert on organizational change, together with world-class practitioners in change leadership, to make your strategy happen successfully. We build within your organization an engine that keeps you ahead of the pace of the world by constantly executing strategic change.

In a world of ever increasing rates of change and where entire economies can shift almost overnight, the ability to change quickly and well can mean the difference between an organization thriving or dying. When a major transformation initiative arises, getting it right the first time becomes imperative.

With large scale change, the stakes are enormous, and the risks of failure can have both immediate and long term effects on an organization. The ability to change quickly and efficiently is not a core competency of most organizations. For nearly all organizations, change is difficult, painful and costly.

Kotter International’s advisory approach is to work with the leadership team of an organization for a period of time to energize a volunteer army within your organization which will successfully implement a major change initiative, and keep it sustained. In the end, our objective is not only the success of your initiative, but to leave behind the competency for leaders at all levels within the organization to adapt to and lead future change efforts.

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