What We Do

Kotter International helps organizations accelerate the implementation of their most important strategies.

We work with large-scale organizations to help them move faster, with less chaos and more efficiency, enabling success no matter the obstacles. Combining deep business acumen and experience, we provide the guidance that helps our clients implement their strategies by leading the entire organization through the 8-Step Process for Leading Change.

Whatever your strategy — whether it's growing revenue, reducing supply chain costs, major re-structuring, a merger or acquisition, new product innovation, accelerating productivity and capacity, or a major technology implementation — we will help you ensure your strategy investment becomes a reality. Read our client stories.

After working with Kotter International, your organization will be transformed — it will be independently capable of taking on any obstacle and achieving successful, sustained change.

View a list of clients we've helped accelerate change. Please read more about our Advisory Services.

Our mission: Millions leading ... Billions benefiting.

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Tom Mendoza of NetApp on working with Kotter International

Client Results

"After the financial meltdown, NetApp saw an opportunity to change, grow share and do even better. Kotter International has helped us fundamentally change the way we do business. Last quarter, we grew 33% year-over-year, while our competitors remained flat.  Kotter International has played a major role in helping us act with urgency and go from strong to great."

- NetApp Vice Chairman, Tom Mendoza

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