Kotter Principles

Throughout his career, Dr. Kotter has helped hundreds of organizations across the globe position themselves to succeed. Kotter International was founded to continue that legacy, using the principles of Dr. John Kotter to help leaders around the globe create more competitive, adaptable organizations. These key principles include:


Staying ahead requires a new and innovative “strategic network” that works in tandem with the traditional management hierarchy, giving it the agility to react more quickly than ever before. This, the newest of Dr. Kotter's principles, describes a dual-operating system that allows companies to react with greater agility, speed, and creativity to succeed and win in a constantly changing world.

The 8-Step Process for Leading Change

The 8-Step Process for Leading Change takes 30 years of research, observing how companies successfully transform through change.

How to Get Buy-In

The best practices to use in order to keep your idea from getting shot down. Situational analysis and practical advice for getting others to buy-in.

Our Iceberg Is Melting

A simple fable that effectively helps groups to understand how to face change, embrace it, and come through it successfully.

Change Leadership

Managing, the process of making things run smoothly in one direction. It's very different from leading, communicating vision and direction, motivating and aligning people, and creating systems that allow for growth and evolution. 


The foundation of organizational change — nothing within your organization will change if there isn't an established and widely accepted sense of urgency, that inspires people to want to change.

The Head and Heart

More often, people change what they do because they are shown a truth that influences their feelings, rather than because they were given analysis that shifts their thinking.

Leadership Inspiration

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What We Do

We work with leaders to help them move organizations faster, with less chaos and more efficiency, enabling success no matter the obstacles. Combining deep business acumen and experience, we provide the guidance and education to help our clients lead the entire organization through the 8-Step Process for Leading Change.

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