Kotter International Leadership

Kotter International helps executives create dramatic results by helping leaders  lead organizations through change as described in Professor John Kotter’s award-winning books.  With our team’s collective experience in successfully leading change, we help guide leaders in how to overcome obstacles in transforming their organizations.

The Kotter International vision is to help leaders around the world achieve their ambitious objectives, thus avoiding the mistakes virtually all organizations make when faced with major change challenges, by truly transforming them through creating cultures adept at change.

Leadership Inspiration

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What We Do

We work with leaders to help them move organizations faster, with less chaos and more efficiency, enabling success no matter the obstacles. Combining deep business acumen and experience, we provide the guidance and education to help our clients lead the entire organization through the 8-Step Process for Leading Change.

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Hearts and Minds

We strongly believe in the power of not leaving our emotions at home. We strive to liberate people — ourselves and others — by allowing them to bring to work the whole package of passion and whimsy and desire for love, fun, or even to be a hero. And we know that drawing on both hearts and minds can make great things happen, which is what all great leaders do.

Relentless Learning

We are curious, and then some. We value learning, not for learning's sake, but to relentlessly find and apply ideas that will help us achieve more, as an organization and as individuals, alongside our customers. We will never cease to become better at what we do and better people, because we — each and every one of us — will never stop growing.

People Everywhere

We deeply value ALL people. We believe in them. We respect them. Trust them. We stand humbly before them. We care about their careers and their lives. This is not just customers, stockholders and employees, but people young and old, from every corner of the globe.