Our commitment is to transfer our expertise in execution and transformation over to you and your organization so that you can do it yourselves.

Why? Because our 40 years of award-winning work proves that true, sustainable change must come from the inside out: your leadership and your employees’ motivation, ideas and actions. Not ours. This is how we are disrupting the consulting paradigm.

Transformational change and deep execution do not happen by creating a dependency on a high-profile consultant or big-name firm to do it for you month after month. You have experience outsourcing your most important work to external resources. And you are all too aware of the limitations. You know you need a different approach in order to truly transform your organization.

We work with clients who are looking for – who need – a boldly different approach to develop more and better leaders, execute their strategies and transform their enterprises.

We are teachers. By equipping you to do the work, we serve you as “the guide on the side” and not as “the sage on the stage.” In an age known for gurus fronting platoons of their own consultants, we bring you collaborative advisors who help you enlist an army of your own volunteers to drive your own change and its results.

We know that to instill change as a cultural value and norm requires perspective and effort that extend far beyond the current quarter or fiscal year. Therefore, we give you the ability to lead change continuously over the long term. We know that transferring our knowledge and capability to you is the right and most effective way to do our work. In short, our goal is to put ourselves out of a job. This, we believe, is consulting in its truest form.

Through our Advisory Services offerings we provide three solutions designed to embed our award-winning 8-Step Process for Leading Change in your organization.

Are we right for you? If our values, philosophy and practice on the subject of leading and executing change appeal to you, then we should talk.

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A new way to learn from us

Millions of people around the world have relied on Dr. Kotter’s 18 books as their means for learning about leadership and change. Thousands of readers have told us that they need a way to teach their organizations the attitudes, behaviors and skills that the books identify and describe. They have explained their need for education and practical training for teams and individuals. We have listened.

The Kotter International Center for Leaders, on which we broke figurative ground in January 2014, provides classroom training programs, speeches and leadership working sessions – all based on Dr. Kotter’s intellectual property.

Some of the world’s foremost instructional designers and developers have created our classroom training programs. And we have only just begun. The sheer size of Dr. Kotter’s body of work ensures that we will offer new programs on a regular basis well into the future. In keeping with our deep commitment to knowledge transfer, we provide program licenses and train-the-trainer sessions so that you can take our content and delivery expertise in house. We also offer leadership working sessions and speaking engagements for those who want the specific capabilities and benefits of our expert facilitators.

To learn more: the Kotter International Center for Leaders.

How our Advisory Services and Center for Leaders offerings link to each other

Stretching between our Advisory Services and the Center is a spectrum of solutions. The Center delivers awareness, education and skill building on the subjects of individual, team and organizational change. Our Advisory Services equip organizations with the ability to execute large-scale change in real time.

Clients can engage us for Advisory Services or for what the Center provides – or for both. They can use Center offerings to bolster and deepen an Advisory Services engagement, or to refresh new or expanded groups of employees once an Advisory Services engagement ends. They can also start with Center offerings and expand into Advisory Services. This is possible because all of our solutions share the Kotter DNA and have the subject of, and 8-Step Process for, Leading Change at their core. Moreover, they are as relevant to executives as they are to individual contributors, so our clients can reach the breadth and depth of their organizations.