Tom Flick

Tom Flick speaks each year to over 100,000 people in successful, global Fortune 1000 companies, serving clients such as Microsoft, Starbucks, Boeing, American Express, The Ritz-Carlton Hotels and NASA.  His messages have meaningful impact, providing the motivation that inspires people to make significant changes within their organizations.

Tom and the Kotter International team work with corporate leaders to design a message to fit the specific needs of each organization. With messages framed around high performance strategies for leadership, teamwork, change, and personal growth, the events at which Tom speaks are designed to achieve long-term results. Tom helps organizations to define their vision, lead change more effectively, develop leaders and leadership teams, while increasing teamwork and communication skills. 

Tom has ongoing relationships with organizations and their top leaders, providing presentations which are noted as intelligent, insightful and motivational. Hallmark Cards, CFO Tim Griffith expresses, “Tom’s messages around leadership and playing to win encourage the kind of introspection that can change future results.” John Kispert, CEO of Spansion remarks, “We have benefited greatly from Tom's creative ideas around generating true urgency, seizing opportunities and developing our leadership capacity allowing our team to think outside the box to visualize our potential and the steps required to achieve those goals.  

Tom’s passion for raising more effective leaders is achieved by his unique gift to connect with the listener's heart as well as their head. He has developed leadership programs for clients such as Hallmark Cards and TEVA Pharmaceuticals, delivering messages that inspire leaders by challenging them to make a significant difference. Larry Downey, President of TEVA, states, “Tom was so impactful; we have brought him back to speak to our Oncology and CNS divisions and was nothing short of outstanding! If you are searching for a message, and a voice, to inspire and engage your workforce, look no further…Tom Flick is the real deal!”

Tom started his career as a quarterback for the University of Washington, where he led his team to two post-season bowls, ending his college career in the Rose Bowl. Voted by his teammates as Team Captain and Most Inspirational, Tom was also named “Pac-10 Player of the Year” before being drafted and playing seven seasons in the NFL. After retiring from the NFL, Tom began his speaking career correlating the leadership qualities of an NFL quarterback to that of corporate executives.  Tom continued to develop his leadership perspective and speaking style working with emerging companies and Fortune 500 organizations across America.

Mentored by leadership and change expert Dennis Goin and steeped in the writings and processes of Harvard Professor, Dr. John Kotter, Tom has garnered a reputation as an authority on leadership, leading change, and team development working with organizations around the world.

Tom resides in Redmond, Washington with his wife and two children.

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